Amaía Diez is a self-taught fashion photographer and filmmaker based in Santiago, Chile.

Driven by different depictions of women, with a clean, emotional and femenine approach, she aims to tell stories and celebrate women, which also relates to her personal work, including “Conversaciones feministas”, a series of interviews that seeks to depict the feminist movement in the chilean capital.

Her background in journalism has informed her critical thinking, storytelling and audiovisual assets and since 2014 she has been dedicated full time to photography.



Estée Lauder

Bárbara Briones Shoes




Index (Ripley)

Ediciones B

Ropa del Alma

Cranberry Chic



Harper’s Bazaar Chile

The Impression

Factice Magazine

Solstice Magazine

Kaltblut Magazine

Elléments Magazine


Viste la Calle


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Amaia Diez